The Gender-Neutral Decorating Challenge - So You Have Decided to Live Together

As if moving in with a new roommate isn’t potentially stressful enough. Let’s add the additional cool and challenging detail of sharing your residence with a person of the opposite sex. Now that move-in day is over and [most] of your things are unpacked, it’s time to get to the fun part -- decorating! Whether moving in with a significant other or a roommate of the opposite sex, it’s important to merge the items you both have and/or will buy effortlessly. Chances are you won’t have the exact same taste in decor. Guys don’t appreciate a feminine aesthetic any more than girls appreciate the design of a frat house! Keep in mind that gender neutral design is about compromise and patience. This ca

Go Bold In The Living Room

It's time to bring life back into your living room! Say farewell to drab and boring, and hello to wallpaper and playful color. Adjusting the vibe in your space doesn't have to be a daunting task! Think about painting an accent wall (we recommend: Benjamin Moore Gunmetal) or putting up removable wallpaper! Bringing in new bold lamps can go a long way. We love these dramatic lamps from West Elm! When it comes to furniture, decide which pieces you can keep and re-use and certain pieces that need to go. Sometimes it's very worthwhile to invest in core pieces like a coffee table, couch or accent chair. Choosing something fun and different like this West Elm Geometric Coffee Table can make a big d

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