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The True Value of an Interior Designer

You wouldn’t believe how many clients come to me after spending countless hours on Pinterest, dreaming of redesigning their home interior design. They come to me dejected, unable to understand why their plan didn’t come together! They’re over budget, or their design isn’t fully functional, or things simply aren’t pairing the way they expected. The once enjoyable experience of furnishing their space has become stressful, unpleasant, and more expensive than they anticipated. It’s more common than you would think! And that’s where I come in, as an experienced interior designer. 

Whether you enjoy spending hours on Pinterest to gather inspiration on your own, or you’re looking for an expert to pass the project on to with minimal oversight, your home can use a designer’s touch. 

Here are my top 4 reasons why I think everyone can benefit from hiring an interior designer:

Fusing Functionality and Style

When working with clients, I always strive to create timeless, functional designs. Understanding the ins and outs of what people need in order to maintain a practical space is part of an interior designer’s role.

For example: 

In my recent blog post Nursery Design Tips You Need To Know, I touched on how simple layout changes can completely transform the functionality of a nursery. Often, it’s small details (like the sight-line of the crib) that will impact the way you use your space. 

A designer’s experience and expertise can save you from potential design errors, and needing to re-arrange everything in a few months' time. Sure, you think you want a tall plant in the living room… but did you consider how that will affect your ability to see the TV from the love seat?

(A Curated Space: Photo from August Black)

The Trained Eye of An Expert

Great taste is not the same as expertise in interior design. I repeat - great taste is not the same as an expertise in interior design. 

You might have great instincts for picking out beautiful, high-quality pieces. Maybe you don’t even need an interior designer to help you articulate what you want or understand what you are receiving in terms of quality and style. But chances are, you have tendencies and preferences that are hard to see past. A trained designer can expand your horizons - exposing you to new styles and ideas that you may not have come up with on your own. 

Mixing patterns, colors, textures and finishes can seem intimidating to the untrained eye and may even sound like a recipe for disaster. But an interior designer will know which combinations will pop, and which will flop. I always ensure that my clients understand which materials provide the highest quality, the differences between fibers, materials, and finishes, and other details that even someone with impeccable taste might not know!

(Maximizing Vertical Space: Photo from Home Designing)

Discounts, Deals and Budget-Saving Tricks

Believe it or not, investing in an interior designer can actually help you save money. A great interior designer will help you navigate your budget and avoid costly interior design mistakes. 

If you are on a tight budget, a designer will know exactly how to get the best value out of your money, while still achieving the look you desire. When I work with a client, I make sure to help them understand where every dollar is going, where it makes sense to splurge, and where they can save a couple bucks.

Additionally, when you work with a designer, you will have access to new resources and discounts! Having an industry professional with great connections on your side will ensure that your home has a unique look, while staying on budget.  

(Oh look, it’s me!: Charli Hantman, Owner of August Black Interior Design NYC)

Amplifying Your Interior Design

Many clients worry about over-doing their space, which can often lead to under-doing it! With an interior designer on your side, you can ensure that you are maximizing all of your space. Open concept floor plans, high ceilings, lack of storage - name your challenge, and I guarantee I’ve seen it before. 

Whether it’s scaling the area rug to make the room appear larger, or knowing how to position design accessories so they are visible from every angle, your designer will see the potential that every room offers. As I like to say, any interior design challenge is an opportunity to find creative, beautiful solutions!

(Juxtaposition of Pattern and Texture: Photo from August Black on Facebook)

Interior Designers are here to make designing your home easy and fun. We are the problem-solvers and supporters you need to help you get through the exciting and daunting process of designing & furnishing your home. 

Ready to re-imagine your possibilities? August Black is here to help! 


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