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That's a Wrap!: Looking Back at 2020 with August Black

They say that hindsight is 2020. So, since 2020 is officially behind us, we thought it would be fun to look back at some of our favorite work from the last year! At August Black Interior Design, no matter how uncertain or uncomfortable things became last year, we were able to stay productive and engaged - thanks to our amazing clients and inspiring projects.

To everyone we worked with over the past 12 months: Thank you! It was an honor to provide you with beautiful, functional, comfortable spaces to ride out the lockdown. You all challenged us to stay energized, and inspired some of our best work to date!

Here are some of our favorite photos and work from 2020:

Look at some of the amazing artwork we’ve had the pleasure to work with this past year! From color, to texture, to unique and unexpected themes - we got to see a little bit of everything in 2020. And it was so much fun to create designs with such statement pieces.

Transitions! Another theme of 2020 was gorgeous transitions. As you walk from one area of a home into another, there should always be a shift - visual transition that makes you feel you have entered a new area of the space. Ideally, that shift should be subtle so that the interior design flows throughout the home.

As a designer, this is one of the most intriguing creative problems to solve: How to create harmony and flow, while also providing variation and interest. We created some visually stunning transitions in our clients’ homes in 2020! Don’t you think?

Beautiful bathrooms are another thing we loved about 2020. Great bathroom design is all about finding the perfect combination of function and style. And we had the opportunity to work in a variety of styles over the course of the year.

From classic bright whites, to metallics, to unique prints in dark tones - every bathroom we designed in 2020 had a modern sensibility, personalized for each client’s unique style.

Perhaps the most gratifying thing about designing homes in the midst of a pandemic? Being able to provide people with spaces that feel like sanctuaries. From master bedrooms, to nurseries, to living rooms - our designs gave individuals and families feel-good spaces to relax and unwind.

After spending almost all of 2020 at home, are you feeling like it’s time to upgrade your interior design? What space (or spaces) are you eager to make changes and updates to? Go for it in 2021! We promise you’ll be glad you did.

Here’s to a new year, filled with beauty, comfort, and creativity!

Love what you see here? See our gallery for more design inspiration!


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