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Create Your Summer Vibe With Outdoor Decor

Let’s just admit it - Summer 2020 was kind of a wash. I don’t know about you, but I plan to make the most of this summer! If you’re excited to bask in the sun and entertain outdoors this season, you’re going to want to create a fun, relaxed vibe with your outdoor decor for summer.

Your summer vibe will be determined by these 4 essentials, so make sure you don’t forget any:

Outdoor Furniture

First things first, let’s talk furniture. The size and configuration of your outdoor area will determine what kind of pieces you need, and how many. For example: Do you have a balcony that will max out at 4 guests or a yard that could host a whole neighborhood potluck?

As you prepare your outdoor space for summer, consider whether you’ll need a table and chairs for dining, daybeds and side tables for lounging, in-pool ledge loungers for basking, and storage pieces to hold all of your outdoor gear (think towels, sunscreen, citronella candles, flip get the idea).

When shopping for outdoor furniture, just remember: Function and durability are key.

(Photo: Divine Haven)

Serving Pieces

You can’t have a spur-of-the-moment backyard party without outdoor-friendly serving pieces! If you have an outdoor dining table, I recommend finding pretty placemats, wine glasses, dishware, and cutlery that are outdoor-friendly.

If your summer vibe is more about hanging out and relaxing, a bar cart might be more your style than traditional dining. Whether your bar cart is a permanent outdoor piece or on wheels so you can easily bring it out from your home, shatter-proof, outdoor drinkware is essential for a stress-free summer.

Don’t miss my tips for building a beautiful bar cart!

Pillows and Cushions

For ultimate summer comfort, I highly recommend adding cushions and throw pillows to all of your outdoor seating areas this summer. Not only do these items make your guests feel at home, they give you tons of opportunity to infuse design into your outdoor space.

Choose fun, colorful performance fabrics that you can trust to withstand the elements. That way, you have beautiful items that are easy to care for - a win/win.

Even if you aren’t using cushions and throw pillows in your outdoor space, you can toss a few colorful towels out to quickly make your outdoor space look more fun and inviting when people come over!


Once you have your furniture set up with comfy cushions and your outdoor serving items are ready to go, all you need to do is set the vibe.

Will you want to have a TV set up outside? Make sure you have easy access to an outlet and extension cord! Are you more of a fan of music for a group hangout? Find bluetooth speakers that can sync with each other so there are no dead zones in the yard.

Don’t stop the party when the sun goes down! Find lighting solutions that will make your outdoor space sparkle. I love solar options, because you can set them up to appear cord-free which you’ll thank me for later.

For more tips on outdoor decor for summer, check out my article


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