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Interior Design and Ambiance: Make Any Room Feel Sophisticated

Have you ever walked into a space and thought, “Wow, it feels great in here?” As if any bad vibes were warded away at the door? As much as I would love to say that interior design alone can have that magical effect on your home, I must admit that what it really comes down to is ambiance.

Think of it this way: You want your room to have a mood, or atmosphere, that goes beyond the style of your furniture or the color of your walls. Creating that mood is all about creating an ambiance within.

Luckily, there are some simple and cost-effectives ways to boost the ambiance in your interior design without remodeling! Here are three of my personal favorites:

1. Scent

Want to instantly rejuvenate your love of a room? Just add a new candle! I’m serious, the warm glow and calming scent of a candle will do wonders for the ambiance in the space.

Scents can have a positive effect on your mood. It’s science. Plus, the kind of scent you choose will affect the kind of atmosphere in your space:

  • Want to create an energizing vibe? Opt for a candle with a citrus scent, such as orange or lemon.

  • Craving a more calm atmosphere? A lavender or jasmine candle should help you unwind.

  • Want to make your room feel clean and organized? Try a linen or peppermint scent.

Every scent, from fruity to floral to earthy, has the power to create a particular ambiance in your home.

My all-time favorite candle is the Amber scent from Diptyque Paris. It has an earthy, almost woody, smell that makes me feel instantly at home. Probably because you won’t catch me at home without one of these candles burning.

(Photo from Diptyque Paris)

2. Lighting

Just like with scents, there are tons of options for how to use lighting in your home. And each one of those lighting options will provide a different kind of ambiance to the space. Some examples:

  • During the day, natural light will give your home a spacious, airy feel that’s great for productivity.

  • In the evening, the warm glow of a fireplace will make any room feel cozy and secluded.

  • In an office, a bright desk lamp helps increase focus on the work at hand.

  • Aesthetic light fixtures like pendants and sconces can give your home a unique, modern edge.

  • Don’t get me started on candles again!

My advice would be to really think about the function of each room in your home, as well as how you want the ambiance to shift from day to night. From there, you can identify what different light sources you’ll need to plan for.

In addition, I can’t recommend dimmers highly enough! As the mood shifts, you can adjust your lighting to match - an excellent solution for anyone looking to achieve magical ambiance levels.

3. Plants

Adding plants and other natural elements to your space is a great way to instantly add good vibes! The kind of atmosphere you’re going for should inform your choice of natural elements - just as it did with scents and lighting.

For example:

  • Hanging plants with tumbling leaves are great for creating a laid-back, almost boho mood to your common spaces.

  • A single orchid will give any room a sophisticated touch.

  • Sunflowers arranged in a vase will make you smile every time you pass by.

  • Shells, stones, or crystals create a down-to-earth ambiance.

(Photo from August Black)

There you have it! Three simple and cost-effective ways to give your room a whole new ambiance without redesigning a thing.

Oh, you mean you're ready to redesign your home? Click here to see more of my articles, tips, and tricks!

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